Welcome to Svendborg Judo Masters 2022

Svendborg Open Judo Masters Tournament is for all judoka, M/F, over 30 years – regardless of experience.

This competition has no traditional weightclasses. You register your body weight and then we match people by
comparable weight and age. In that way we’ll make sure that you get the most of your time (and money).


• There will be no weigh-in! We will conduct controlled weigh-ins of the participants at random.
• Two competition areas
• Fighting time is 3 minutes per match
• We strive to match people by comparable weight and age
• All competitors gets at least 3-5 matches
• Maximum 5 years between fighters in a pool.
• Open weight category (registration on competition day)

Registrations are open in January 2022



Østre Havnevej 17D, 5700 Svendborg